Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tours to London- Post cruise tour from Southampton to London via Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor

If your cruise terminates at the port of Southampton, you can optimise your recreational experience, utilise your time more efficiently; and embark upon a highly rewarding experience, by joining the fascinating tour from the port of Southampton to London, via the mysterious stone landmark of Stonehenge, the charismatic Georgian Town of Bath and the charming town of Windsor, before heading to London.

This is an excellent trip that enables you to explore the most captivating attractions in Southern England, before embracing the city pulse of London.

From Southampton port, your first destination will be Amesbury, the location of Stonehenge, the world-renowned and mysterious English landmark mounted in approximately 3100 BC. The guide will make fascinating revelations regarding the set of myths, legend and facts surrounding this great mysterious site.

Following your sampling of this enigmatic venue, the next stop will be at the gracious Georgian Town of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bath is renowned for its hot thermals springs, which are known to cure rheumatism and gout. The city had always served as an attraction for many visitors from around the world since its lengthy history from the Roman era to this contemporary era.

The next stop of this tour is the town of Windsor, home of the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. This castle is Queen Elizabeth the second’s favorite weekend respite.
In Windsor, the guide will take you to the most interesting attractions in the town. You can choose to visit the castle and view its famous St Georges Chapel, as well as the resting quarters of English kings and Queens.

From Windsor, the tour heads to London, which is approximately an hour’s drive from Windsor. The tour terminates in London and guests are then conducted to their accommodation.

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