Sunday, 16 June 2013

Things to do in London -Cinemas in London

London is a city with a very rich and prominent film culture, both with respect to film production and viewing. If you are a notable cineaste, then London constitutes the perfect city for you to appease your most copious appetite in cinema. London has such a bewildering number of multiplex and independent cinemas, such that it can be quite difficult for one to decide where to go and watch a movie. Nonetheless, where you finally decide to entice yourself with a brilliant episode of motion picture would be determined by the type of movies you are interested in watching and your preferred style of watching them. In London, you can watch a film indoor or outdoor, as both options are available. London has an IMAX screen at BFI IMAX, South Bank. IMAX films are large image format and high resolution for maximum visual impact. The screen measures 20m high by 26m wide and the theatre can seat up to 500 people.

Within the City of Westminster, the entertainment district of the West End, the focus is around Leicester Square, where London and world film premieres are held on a Friday; and Piccadilly Circus, with its giant electronic advertisements. London's theatre district is here, as are many cinemas, clubs and restaurants, including the city's Chinatown district (in Soho), and just to the east is Covent Garden, an area housing specialty shops.

Some of the multiplex cinemas in London include: Odeon, Showcase Cinemas, Cineworld Cinemas, Vue Entertainment, Picturehouse and others.

Regular movie goers can buy unlimited access passes from some cinemas (sometimes called "Unlimited Card" or "Première Club"). For a fixed price per month or per year, cinema card holders get unlimited access to certain screenings or cinemas. Some 3D films may incur an extra charge.
A film guide can be found in newspapers, or on the cinema’s websites or online.

The official London tourism website has information on film listings and cinemas in London.

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