Tuesday, 25 June 2013

London River Tours- London High Speed cruise of the River Thames

If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, willing to ignite an unrestricted flow of adrenaline, then the London River Thames high speed cruise awaits to appraise your adrenaline rank. With the River Thames high speed cruise, you will be treated to a marvelling aquatic adventure in the very heart of London.  This cruise is the highest speed aquatic exploration of the Thames. These super-powered Rigid Inflated Boats (RIB) are purposely designed to operate on the Thames River. The boats operate throughout the year, regardless of weather; and are equipped with an interactive guide with speaker sound system aboard. This modern sound system renders audible the guide’s edifying commentaries in the course of this electrifying adventure of the Thames. The boats sustain a thrilling speed of 50 knots. Participants on the high speed boat trip can opt for the 50-minute Canary Wharf experience, to view the prominent house of Parliament, HMS Belfast, Tower of London and Execution. Alternatively, the Thames Barrier Experience provides the additional bliss of offering views of Greenwich and the fascinating Thames Barrier, the world’s second largest movable flood barrier. You will also be navigating around O2 arena, which is the filming venue of the famous James Bond movie titled: “The World is Not Enough.”This exciting boat trip has a seating capacity of 12 passengers on both options. You will be transported to an entirely thrilling jungle of adventure, as the high speed boat splashes across the River Thames, offering you an indelible London thrill. Welcome aboard the high speed boat expedition of the Thames.

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