Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cheap Hotels in London

A hotel is a commercial establishment which provides paid lodging services mostly on a short-term basis. Additional services such as spas, gardens, swimming pools, fitness centres, business centres and internet access may also be available. According to figures released in support of the London Olympics, the estimated number of hotel rooms for Greater London in 2000 was 101,269. There were more than 70,000 three to five star hotel rooms within 10 kilometres of Central London in 2003. As an international city with massive tourist arrivals on a daily basis, London has an excellent selection of budget hotels that are certain to answer to the economic requirements of every visitor. If you are a visitor to London, who intends to explore the city for a reasonable period of time, then it would be recommendable to book your London cheap hotel in the Central part of London. This is because most of the top London visitor attractions are clustered in the Central London area. Therefore, access to these attractions would be relatively easy if you reside in a hotel situated in Central London, which is in proximity to all these top attractions. Secondly, Central London is well connected to all the other parts of London as regards all forms of urban transport, include the London Underground, the London Overground, buses and tram services. Therefore, travelling to another part of London from Central London is relatively less strenuous. Central London is also connected to the five major airports of London and therefore travelling from Central London to any of these airports is relatively easy, regardless of the means of transport you have opted to use. Check various options for cheap hotels in London before you actually settle for one. It’s always a good idea to book your cheap London hotel ahead of your arrival in the city, to ensure that your preferred accommodation is secured. 

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