Monday, 29 July 2013

London Car Rental deals –Find a cheap car to hire in London

Hiring a car in London can be an efficient and liberal fashion to maximise your trip to the city, especially if you intend to explore the city’s outskirts and countryside. Driving in Central London can constitute a tremendous liability, due to heavy traffic, the high cost of parking and the inescapable congestion charges that you must pay. Therefore, driving in around Central London is not really recommended for visitors.  London has an excellent network of public transport that spans the entire Greater London. Therefore, using public transport for normal commuting to and from the Central part of London, could be a more cost effective and convenient alternative. Nonetheless, renting a car during your stay in London can offer you the convenience and freedom to explore the outskirts of the city; and some of the most picturesque countryside such as Kent and Brighton.
There is a multitude of car rental companies both in Central London and throughout Greater London. To get a good deal, compare prices of a few car companies to enable you determine the one with the best offer. Certain car hire companies in London specialise in adapted vehicles for people with disabilities.
In London, it would be possible for you to also hire electric cars from many car rental companies. Rental for electric cars in London is much less costly than for normal cars, and also, you save on fuel; not to mention its ecological benefits of less pollution for the environment.

One viable way of getting a car in London is to join a car club. Residents or long stay visitors who are keen to engage in regular driving might consider joining a car club in London. With membership of a car club, you can gain access to a car when you need it, for a fraction of the cost of owing or running your own car. With membership of a car club, you need to pre-book the car and also pay fixed charges, based on the duration for which the vehicle was in use, millage etc.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

London Timeshare properties

London Timeshare is a property with a particular form of ownership. Ownership is shared among the joint shareholders of the property, with each shareholder having the right of usage of the property at a particular time of the year and for a particular duration.
These properties are usually not limited to resort condominium units, in which multiple parties hold the right to use the property at different times of the year. Units may be on a partial ownership, or lease, in which case, the sharer does not possess ownership rights for the property. This concept has attracted many resort and hotel developers such as Starwood, Wyndham, Accor, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and Disney.

So, if you are party to any timeshare scheme, then it’s quite possible to exchange user rights with someone in a similar scheme in London. This would require both parties to have compatible desires in terms of mutually desired locations and possibly duration of usage of the property.
If you are looking for timeshare exchange possibilities in London for your vacation, you can consult the intermediate agencies which connect and match timeshare exchange parties around the world.
Alternatively, you can directly exchange your timeshare rights with another user in London, who is interested in the property which you are entitled to in a particular location.

The advantage of using timeshare accommodation in London is that, you would not be expected to pay for such an accommodation if you find an exchange partner who is also willing to use the timeshare property to which you hold a right of usage elsewhere.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Caravans and camping in London

Camping and caravan parks are an enjoyable, refreshing and very cheap way to spend your holiday in London. London has five permanent caravan and camping sites within the M25. You can then take advantage of the camping sites in London to offer yourself a unique, carefree and enriching experience. Most of these camps are connected to London via public transport. Therefore, you can also come to the city centre at any time. Lee Valley Caravan and camping site in Edmond, is one of the most excellent venues to camp in London. You can pitch a tent or use a Caravan and enjoy the abundant greenery and refreshing atmosphere offered by Lee Valley camping site in London.

Lee Valley camping and Caravan Park in London occupies 1000 acres of River Lee Country Park or Epping Forest; and can be easily reached from London. Located just a 15 minute drive from the M25 (J26), the Lee Valley Camping sit is situated within the London Low Emissions Zone.

Apart from using a tent or a caravan at Lee Valley camping site, the venue also has its own cabins and cocoons. These facilities provide accommodation for up to four people, and are perfect for those who want to enjoy a highly refreshing and serene natural environment, but prefer shelter a little more than a tent. The cocoons (for two people) include two camp beds, heating, lighting, small table, electric sockets and a kettle. The cabins (for up to four people) include a set of bunk beds, double bed settee, coffee table, heating, lighting, electric sockets and a kettle.

Therefore, if you consider camping in Lee Valley Camping site in London, you can expect the following facilities within the camping site: Tents, electrical hook-ups, toilets, site shop, dogs kept on lead, motor caravans, water, showers, launderette, facilities for disabled, golf course, touring caravans, gas, shaver points, ironing facilities, children’s playground, and cinema.

Therefore, camping in London is a fun and cheap way to enjoy your holiday in the city. Try Lee Valley Camping site in London and you will be delighted you did. Happy camping in London.

London Holiday Apartments-Find cheap apartments in London

An apartment is a self-contained housing unit, or a residential real estate that occupies part of a building. Such a building can be referred to as an apartment building or apartment house. More often, the building may consist of many apartments to rent. Many travellers to London would prefer to lodge in an apartment, instead of dwelling in a hotel. London holiday apartments are usually lavishly furnished, with all the facilities, perhaps even better than what some hotels would offer. This offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy privacy, total freedom and comfort, at a relatively lower cost than hotels and other commercial accommodation. The following are some of the advantages of staying in a London holiday apartment during your visit to the city.

Cost: A holiday apartment in London is far less expensive than a hotel room. Therefore, staying in a London holiday apartment would save you a considerable amount of money. Hotels situated near tourist attractions experience a high demand for accommodation; especially during the holiday season. As a result, they might increase the prices for their rooms, resulting in you having to pay more to lodge there. Nonetheless, if you lodge in a London holiday apartment, you will save a lot of money. If you travel with a family, you can save even more money.

Privacy: If you stay in a London holiday apartment, you will experience a high degree of privacy because nobody would actually disturb you or intrude into your privacy. On the other hand, hotels are usually full with people most of the time.

Necessities: If you stay in a London holiday apartment, you will enjoy the full range of facilities and comfort, including heating, television etc.

Dedicated service: When you reside in a hotel, you become one of the many customers they are servicing and as such, you might not obtain the personal and devoted attention you deserve. Nonetheless, when you stay in a London holiday apartment, you get full dedicated service from the owner of the apartment.

Therefore, staying in a London apartment is one of the formidable ways to enrich your holiday experience in London; and at the same time, save money.

London House sitting accommodation

Many travellers to London use house sitting as an alternative accommodation option during their visit to London. The concept of house sitting is a situation whereby a visitor to London is afforded the right to stay in a house, which is not currently occupied by its proprietor. The visitor normally occupies the house gratuitously, for a given period of time. Usually, the house sitter takes upon some minor responsibilities while staying in the house, for instance, keeping the house clean, bringing in post, ensuring the safety and security of items in the house, cleaning the external premises of the house etc. In the event where the proprietor also owns any pet, the house sitter would normally also be expected to look after the pet, as part of the agreement.

House sitting is fast growing and becoming a cost effective means of lodging by numerous regular travellers. Imagine, travelling to London for three weeks and staying in a luxurious house or apartment for free, as a house sitter. This enables you to save a lot of money, which you can use to fund other aspects of your travel to London, largely enriching your stay.

In many instances, the houses or apartments occupied by house sitters in London are equipped with all the facilities, including swimming pool and numerous other amenities. The house sitter normally has access to all these facilities. The house sitter enjoys absolute freedom and discretion. If you travel to London as a family and use house sitting in London as your accommodation option, it would appear as though you have travelled with your house, because you experience all the privacy and freedom as though you were living in your own house. Therefore, you can possibly consider house sitting in London as your alternative and cost-free accommodation option during your visit to this interesting city. 

London Vacation rentals – Find suitable vacation rental in London

Many residents of London may lease their house or apartment to vacationers in London. Such property may have been bought for the purpose of leasing it to vacationers, or it may be that the normal occupants or proprietor may vacate the property during a certain period of the year, making it available to paying guests. The guest has full use of the residence, including all utilities, with the exception of repast and cleaning of the house, which are more often the guest’s responsibilities. This type of accommodation is generally cheaper than a standard hotel room; and even more so if you travel in a group, which would have necessitated the hiring of multiple rooms in a hotel. This is specially the case if travelling with a family or with friends. It’s always advisable to contact the owner and make all arrangements prior to arrival.

Vacation rentals in London offer you comfort, privacy and discretion of a home, for a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation. While in conventional commercial accommodation, amenities such as swimming pool and laundry facilities are publicly shared. In many vacation rentals in London, a pool and laundry facilities are part of the package, all at no additional charge to the standard rate agreed upon with the proprietor. Almost all vacation rentals in London would offer a private kitchen, which enables you to prepare your own food, instead of making use of external services all the time. This saves you a lot of money and the inconvenience of going out for food often.

Vacation rentals in London are significantly less expensive than normal hotel rooms, and are very suitable for a family or group of friends who otherwise would have rented multiple rooms in a hotel.

Therefore, for your holiday in London, check out viable options for vacation rentals; and enjoy a relaxing holiday in a private and secured environment; that costs you less and offers you more comfort and privacy than conventional commercial accommodation.

London Boarding house – Find a boarding house in London

A boarding house is a private house in which the proprietor provides a board and lodging for paying guests. There are numerous people in London who have some spare rooms to offer to a guest in exchange for often affordable payment. In this type of boarding accommodation, the guest is offered a particular room and often has the right to use all the facilities in the house, including the sitting room, iron, cooking facilities, fridge etc. It all depends on the agreement between the host and the guest.

One of the immense advantages of using boarding accommodation during your visit to London is that you automatically become friends with the host, and enables you to feel as though you are with your family. The host can help enhance your experience by even offering some important insight and advice about your stay in London. In half board accommodation, you don’t need to worry about furniture, cooking facilities or any other essential domestic utensil, as your host would normally offer you these facilities, often included in the price you are paying.

If you are keen to lodge in boarding accommodation during your stay in London, try to check out available options to compare their conditions and whether they are suitable for you. You can consult the tourism office to enquire about available boarding opportunities during your intended period of stay in London. Nonetheless, boarding accommodation might not offer you a high degree of privacy and discretion that you may otherwise experience in standard commercial accommodation establishments. So, this kind of accommodation might not be suitable to those seeking a high degree of privacy and discretion. However, the cost of lodging in boarding accommodation can be very low, enabling you to save some income, which you can direct towards the exploration of other aspects of your holiday, and thus enhance and enrich your experiences in London, for a more fulfilling holiday.