Saturday, 22 June 2013

London Tours –London Dock Tour

London Dock Tour offers a fascinating and unique manner to explore the sightseeing miracles of London in way most stimulating and exciting. This tour offers you a double reward in that it enables you to view the fascinating sights in London by road; alongside the River Thames’ aquatic thrills, giving you an experience that can hardly be replicated. The tour is carried out on London’s yellow amphibious crafts. The trip lasts for approximate 75 minutes, during which you distil the best of excitement, amazement and great fun. This amphibious craft was first used on D-Day landing during world War one.

On the route of this tour are famous London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Big Ben, the House of Parliament and Trafalgar Square. You'll then make a dramatic launch into the Thames River for the aquatic facet of the tour. This element of the tour lasts for 20 minutes.

During this tour, the excitement is heightened by the presence of a lively and entertaining guide, who offers fascinating commentaries about London’s history, while also making stunning revelations regarding these unique amphibious crafts.

These interesting amphibious vehicles were first used in D-Day landing. The yellow coloured cars have undergone considerable innovation, compared to the original models of yesteryears. The vehicles have been extensively refurbished and fitted with the latest environmentally friendly diesel engines. The deluxe refits include comfortable seating for 30 passengers, a public address system and full safety equipment. Enjoy this unique combination of land and aquatic adventure in London.

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