Saturday, 22 June 2013

Free Walking Tours of London

One of the rewarding ways to view the core of Central London is to take a free walking tour. A walking tour offers you unique intimacy with the venues to be visited, as opposed to when you sight these venues a bit far from a bus or tour vehicle.

One of the walking tours of London would typical include a visit to Buckingham Palace, to view the dramatic protocol that characterises the changing of the guards. Nonetheless, if it rains, changing of the guard event is automatically cancelled. This tour departs from the original London Visitor information Centre at 10:30 am daily, during which you view Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Park and the regiment which guides them.
Another walking tour of London is the Rock 'n' Roll Walking Tour. This tour begins from the Original London Visitor Centre at 13.00, offering you insight into the pop history of the Beatles and more.

Another walking tour of London is The Jack the Ripper Walk, which departs from the Original London Visitor Centre at 15:300 pm. This tour enables you to retrace the history of one of the world’s most heartless individuals. The tour generally ends at the London Tower on Tower Hill. Therefore, these are all exciting ways of capturing some of the most beguiling moments in London. Besides, a walking tour also enables you to stay fit and more energised, so that you can face your next exploratory interest in London with unsurpassed momentum.

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