Sunday, 24 March 2013

Jobs in London-Software Engineering jobs in London

Software engineering (SE) is the use of mathematics and technology in the design, implementation and testing of computer programs to optimise their production and support.

Many software engineers work as employees or contractors. Software engineers work with businesses, government agencies (civilian or military), and non-profit organisations. Some software engineers work for themselves as freelancers. Some organisations have specialists to perform each of the tasks in the software development process. Other organisations require software engineers to do many or all of them. In large projects, people may specialise in only one role. In small projects, people may fill several or all roles at the same time. Specialisations in this sector include: (analyst, architects, developers, testers, technical support, middleware analyst, managers) and in the academic field, educators and researchers.
Most software engineers and programmers work 40 hours a week, but about 15 percent of software engineers and 11 percent of programmers worked more than 50 hours a week in 2008. Injuries in these occupations are rare. However, like other workers who spend long periods in front of a computer terminal typing at a keyboard, engineers and programmers are susceptible to eyestrain, back discomfort, and hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
There is a vast array of software engineering jobs in London. Therefore, if you are a software engineer seeking a software engineering job, London would be a fertile avenue for you to enrich and fulfill your wildest career dreams.

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