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Travel Information about London-Some interesting facts about London

There are a number of interesting and helpful facts about London, which may be of use to our esteemed audience. Whether you are a prospective visitor to London, a potential student, an investor or an immigrant, this information may be quite enlightening. The quick important facts about London are as follows:

·         London is the largest and most populated city in Britain and Europe
·         London occupies a territory equivalent to 620 square miles
·         Based on the 2011 Census, London has a population of 8,173,941 inhabitants
·         London is home to about 12.5% of the overall British population
·         London has the highest population density in Britain
·         London is the seat of the Central government and Parliament of Britain
·         The official royal residence of the British monarchy is in London (Buckingham Palace)
·         London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway known as the Tube
·         London is home to some 300 theatres, 500 cinema screens and 12,000 restaurants
·         London's GDP is significantly larger than that of several European countries; including 
      Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland
·         London's One Hyde Park houses the most expensive apartment in the UK at £135.4m - which also makes it the world’s fourth most expensive home, with its own SAS guard, bullet-proof glass, panic rooms and a secret tunnel to a nearby hotel  
·         The Shard at London Bridge, topping-out at 310m, is the tallest residential building in the EU
·         London is home to 43 universities - the largest concentration of higher education in Europe
·         The hottest recorded temperature in London was in August 2003 at Kew Gardens, at 38.1   
      degrees Celsius
·         London has four UNESCO world heritage sites: Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, 
      Westminster Palace, Kew's Royal Botanical Gardens
·         For a few centuries, the Thames was an open cesspool and was famously declared 'biologically 
      dead' in 1957. These days, it is transformed due to better infrastructure and conservation; and 
      it’s now teeming with life
·         3.5 million passenger journeys are made every day on London's 'Tube' and there were more 
      than 1 billion total journeys in 2010.
·         The City of London is the oldest local authority in England and has governed the 'square mile' 
      for about 700 years.
·         London is the greenest city of its size in the world. Green space covers almost 40 per cent of 
      Greater London - some 173 square km.
·         The average monthly rent in private accommodation in London is £1202 - a 12 per cent 
       increase over one year.
·         32.4 per cent of household waste is recycled or reused in London - this represents a 10 per 
       cent increase over 5 years
·         London has the largest emergency ambulance service in the world, with 5,000 staff across 70 
      stations that respond to 2,800 incidents every day
·         More billionaires live in London than any other city in the world
·         London is Europe's largest city and the sixth richest in the world
·         2012 is the third time London has hosted the Olympics (previous occasions being 1908 & 
      1948) - more times than any other city in the World.
·         There were 14,350 film “shooting days” in London in 2007, making it the third most filmed 
      city in the world

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