Sunday, 10 March 2013

London City Taxis-Using Taxis in London

The most popular taxis in London are the iconic black cabs, popularly known as the London cabs. These cabs are usually stationed in areas like rail stations, bus terminals, airports, shopping centres and other zones where their services are likely to be in high demand. They can also be picked up along the street.

Drivers of the black cabs are the only taxicab drivers in the world who have spent at least three years to gain mastery of the city of London inside-out. London is such a massive city and therefore, without a proper mastery of the city, it would be difficult for these drivers to carry out their duties in an efficient and effective manner. Therefore, their adequate knowledge of the city not only facilitates their work, but it also enables the passengers to reach their destinations much quicker. All London taxicabs are licensed by the Transport for London (TfL) Public Carriage Office (PCO), who also set taxicab fares, coupled with strict maximum vehicles emission standards. Taxicab fares are set by the TfL and are calculated using a Taximetre in the vehicle, hence the name Taxicab. The actual fare paid by the customer is based on a calculation of the metre, which takes into consideration both time and distance covered.

Compared to other forms of transport such as the rail or bus system, taxicabs can be comparatively expensive because they charge with respect to time and distance covered, unlike the bus and rail systems whereby one pays a standard fare for a given destination. In moments of heavy traffic, one can end up paying a lot more taxicab fare than when traffic is smoother. Once the taxicab metre is activated, it flows without interruption until the final destination. Therefore, those travelling to a relatively long distance would be better off using a different form of transport than the taxicab.

Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs minicabs) are cars that are, as per rule, allowed to transport people only if booked ahead of time. They are not licensed to pick up customers from the street like the taxicabs. Since they are actually not licensed for the service of street pick-up, it would be cautious to avoid making use of such a service from the street.

A fairly recent addition has been the Pedicabs, which are more popular amongst tourists and operate mainly in central areas. These pedicabs are not regulated or licensed, and charge a fare according to their discretion. Many of these are uninsured and have no indemnity for their passengers. They don’t also posses the special knowledge about the city, which the taxicab drivers have. Therefore, it can be safely stated that the London black taxicabs are the most professional and reliable taxi service providers in London.

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