Thursday, 14 March 2013

Things to do in London-Leisure and entertainment in London

London is the United Kingdom’s premier leisure and entertainment city, with virtually every form of leisure and entertainment activity in the country extensively represented in London; and takes on a more interesting scope. Within the renowned city of Westminster, the entertainment district is West End; which is principally focused around Leicester Square, where both London’s and world film premiers are held. Also there is found Piccadilly Circus, with its giant electronic advertisement. This area constitutes London’s theatre district, with a strong presence of clubs and restaurants; including Soho, the city’s Chinatown district; and right to the East can be found Covenant Garden and a variety of housing specialty shops. The city is the home of the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose musicals have dominated the West End theatre since the late 20th century. Renowned entertainment organisations in  the UK are all based in London; for instance, the English National Ballet, Royal Opera and English National Opera are all based in London; and perform regularly at the Royal Opera House, the London Coliseum, Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall; but also known for conducting tours around the country.

Europe's busiest shopping area is Oxford Street, a shopping street nearly 1 mile (1.6 km) long, making it the longest shopping street in the United Kingdom. Oxford Street is home to vast numbers of retailers and department stores, including the world-famous Selfridges flagship store.

There is a variety of annual events, beginning with the relatively fresh New Year’s Day Parade, fireworks display at the London eye, the world's second largest street party, the Notting Hill Carnivals held during the late August Bank Holiday each year. Traditional parades include November's Lord Mayor’s Show, a centuries-old event celebrating the annual appointment of a new Lord Mayor of the City of London, with a procession along the streets of the city, and June's Trooping the Colour, a formal military pageant performed by regiments of the Commonwealth and armies to celebrate the Queen’s Official Birthday.

London has one of the most luxurious spectrums of ethnic cuisine in the world. In principle, almost every major ethic group and sub-ethnic group in London presents the best of its gastronomic expertise, offering the city the widest selection of ethnic cuisine than anywhere else in the rest of the country.

Visitors to London or even residents of the city can participate in a variety of tours offered in the city; be they historical tours, architectural tours, aquatic tours, tours themed around science etc. All these tours offer enlightening commentaries and provide visitors with additional insights regarding some of the breathtaking features of London.

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Telephone: 020 7606 3030

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