Friday, 22 March 2013

London English Language Schools-Study English in London

It’s now common knowledge that the English language is the most spoken and the most understood language on the planet earth. The international popularity of the English language stems not only from its oratory elegance, simplicity and flexibility of expression, but also from its highly extensive vocabulary, impressive phonetics and wealthy grammar. As an international lingua franca, English has created an unprecedented powerful bridge amongst various cultures, traditions, regions and nations of the world, which where hitherto experiencing a linguistic barrier; and therefore, remained in mutual exclusion of one another. Consequently, English has played and is playing a pivotal role in facilitating mutual understanding amongst nations, regions and cultures of the world; in advancing science and technology, multiplying international trade, enhancing world peace and in the dissemination of knowledge and wisdom across the world. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider studying English:
·        English is a facilitator and catalyst of international trade
·        English is a major linguistic medium for conducting diplomacy
·        English is the foremost language of science and technology
·        Use your computer more effectively
·        Enrich and advance your career
·        Become a world-class businessman or businesswoman
·        Travel to any country and be understood
·        English is the language of international academic delivery
·        Easier to get an international job

The United Kingdom is home to the English language and approximately 600,000 people travel to the UK every year to learn English. It has the best choice of English language courses anywhere in the world; and its qualifications are recognised wherever you go.
London has an excellent range of English language courses to suite each person’s particularities; and delivered with a high level of effectiveness and efficiency. English Language Schools in London have helped many thousands of people improve their English.  

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