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Fares for Public transport in London (Bus, Trams and Rail)

London has varied forms of internal transport networks including underground rail (Tube), over-ground train, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Tramlink, London red double-decker buses. All these forms of commuting in London have been fully integrated, rendering travelling within the city much more efficient and effective. The Transport for London (TfL) have produced an inter-modal credit-card-sized electronic ticket, which provides almost unlimited use on the London Underground, London Over-ground, Dockland Light Railway (DLR), Tramlink, London Buses and National Rail services in the Greater London area. This is called the Oyster card, which is generally not valid outside the London fare Zone. The Oyster card enables commuters to electronically pre-pay their journey at a heavily discounted fare, comparable to those not in possession of the Oyster card.

For travel on the London buses, there is a flat fare of £2.40 if you are paying by cash and £1.40 with a pre-paid Oyster card.  Most routes in central London require the passenger to acquire a bus ticket prior to boarding the bus. Ticket machines which sell single fares can usually be found next to the bus stops on these routes.

Bus passes are valid for the whole bus and tram network in London (unlike the Tube which charges fares according to concentric fare zones). With the Oyster's daily price cap system, the most you will be charged per day when using the Oyster pay as you go on bus and tram services is £4.40 (adult fare).

London Bus and Tram prices: The prices for London Bus and Tram Pass Prices are as follows: 7 days (one week) = £ 19.60; 1 month = £ 75. 30, 1 year = £ 784.
All children under 16, plus 16-17 year olds living in London and in full-time education, can travel free on buses. You will need a photo card (not required for children under 5).
Freedom Passes provide free travel for wheelchair users, as well as for older and disabled persons. This service can be applied for on the Transport for London’s (TfL) website.

One can equally pay for one’s journey with the bus by contactless credit, debit or charge cards. If you have a credit, debit or charge card that has been issued in the UK and displays the contactless payment symbol, you should be able to use it on buses to pay for single journeys.
You just need to touch your card flat on the yellow card reader as you board a bus - exactly the same as when you use an Oyster card. (Note: if you keep your card and Oyster together in a wallet, it might not work as the reader will not know which card to charge).


Zones and Tube Fares

London's transport map is divided into six concentric zones with Zones 1 and 2 in Central London and Zones 6-9 covering the outer portion of the capital. Please consider using an Oyster and or Travel card to obtain the best fare deals in your travel, and to avoid squandering valuable time on the queues. If you're caught on the Tube without a valid ticket, you're liable to an on-the-spot fine
Oyster card prices are always lower than paper tickets for the Tube; For example, the cash fare for a single journey in Zone 1 is £4.50, which is £2.40 more than the Oyster fare.
Various discounts and free travel are available for children, students, the elderly and disabled travellers.

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