Monday, 15 July 2013

London House sitting accommodation

Many travellers to London use house sitting as an alternative accommodation option during their visit to London. The concept of house sitting is a situation whereby a visitor to London is afforded the right to stay in a house, which is not currently occupied by its proprietor. The visitor normally occupies the house gratuitously, for a given period of time. Usually, the house sitter takes upon some minor responsibilities while staying in the house, for instance, keeping the house clean, bringing in post, ensuring the safety and security of items in the house, cleaning the external premises of the house etc. In the event where the proprietor also owns any pet, the house sitter would normally also be expected to look after the pet, as part of the agreement.

House sitting is fast growing and becoming a cost effective means of lodging by numerous regular travellers. Imagine, travelling to London for three weeks and staying in a luxurious house or apartment for free, as a house sitter. This enables you to save a lot of money, which you can use to fund other aspects of your travel to London, largely enriching your stay.

In many instances, the houses or apartments occupied by house sitters in London are equipped with all the facilities, including swimming pool and numerous other amenities. The house sitter normally has access to all these facilities. The house sitter enjoys absolute freedom and discretion. If you travel to London as a family and use house sitting in London as your accommodation option, it would appear as though you have travelled with your house, because you experience all the privacy and freedom as though you were living in your own house. Therefore, you can possibly consider house sitting in London as your alternative and cost-free accommodation option during your visit to this interesting city. 

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