Monday, 29 July 2013

London Car Rental deals –Find a cheap car to hire in London

Hiring a car in London can be an efficient and liberal fashion to maximise your trip to the city, especially if you intend to explore the city’s outskirts and countryside. Driving in Central London can constitute a tremendous liability, due to heavy traffic, the high cost of parking and the inescapable congestion charges that you must pay. Therefore, driving in around Central London is not really recommended for visitors.  London has an excellent network of public transport that spans the entire Greater London. Therefore, using public transport for normal commuting to and from the Central part of London, could be a more cost effective and convenient alternative. Nonetheless, renting a car during your stay in London can offer you the convenience and freedom to explore the outskirts of the city; and some of the most picturesque countryside such as Kent and Brighton.
There is a multitude of car rental companies both in Central London and throughout Greater London. To get a good deal, compare prices of a few car companies to enable you determine the one with the best offer. Certain car hire companies in London specialise in adapted vehicles for people with disabilities.
In London, it would be possible for you to also hire electric cars from many car rental companies. Rental for electric cars in London is much less costly than for normal cars, and also, you save on fuel; not to mention its ecological benefits of less pollution for the environment.

One viable way of getting a car in London is to join a car club. Residents or long stay visitors who are keen to engage in regular driving might consider joining a car club in London. With membership of a car club, you can gain access to a car when you need it, for a fraction of the cost of owing or running your own car. With membership of a car club, you need to pre-book the car and also pay fixed charges, based on the duration for which the vehicle was in use, millage etc.


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